Nurturing real independent music rooted in tradition, while blazing paths in the new music industry.

The corporate music industry is broken. Artists get the shit end of the stick and the current “pop” music is a joke.

Based on punk rock, DIY ethics, Little Class Records provide artists with the tools they need to thrive, not just survive, while bringing you real music.

Musician Support

Providing our artists with quality, unlimited studio time and short run, as needed albums/merch. There are no advances to repay!Artists keep their publishing rights! No corporate music shenanigans!

Nurturing The Community

Our mission is to cultivate the Kansas City roots music community and culture, while helping put our city back on the map as a relevant music city. (Westport Roots Fest, Westport Saloon, Sponsors of Middle of the Map Fest)


Quality Music

Quality music for your ears.

Quality of product for our artists.

Growth for our city and our scene.

Recent Articles

The Downfall of The Divebar

The Downfall of The Divebar Wanna know what REALLY gets my goat? Venues that don’t treat bands fairly. There is so much to be said about this subject. I won’t even get started on pay to play scams. If you’re falling for those, you’ve got a whole different set... read more

The New Music Revolution

The New Music Revolution An opinion column by an old crusty cowpunker who has paid his dues in the music industry. Out of Kansas City, Missouri, Jody is the owner of Little Class Records, Co­Founder of Westport Roots Festival, Talent Buyer for The Westport Saloon and... read more