Nurturing real independent music rooted in tradition, while blazing paths in the new music industry.

The corporate music industry is broken. Artists get the shit end of the stick and the current “pop” music is a joke.

Based on punk rock, DIY ethics, Little Class Records provide artists with the tools they need to thrive, not just survive, while bringing you real music.

Musician Support

Providing our artists with quality, unlimited studio time and short run, as needed albums/merch. There are no advances to repay!Artists keep their publishing rights! No corporate music shenanigans!

Nurturing The Community

Our mission is to cultivate the Kansas City roots music community and culture, while helping put our city back on the map as a relevant music city. (Westport Roots Fest, Westport Saloon, Sponsors of Middle of the Map Fest)


Quality Music

Quality music for your ears. Quality of product for our artists. Growth for our city and our scene.

Recent Blogs

4 Artists Joining Little Class Records in 2016!

4 New Artists Joining Little Class Records in 2016! As in house talent buyer and artist relations for The Westport Saloon, we see lots of bands. Here is who are lucky enought to work with in 2016! We love our job here in Kansas City. We get to siphon through all kinds... read more

Westport Roots Fest Line up announced, and it’s AMAZING!

Westport Roots Festival 2016 Moments until WRF 2016 pre party with DALE WATSON Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) We just released the Westport Roots Fest line up for 2016 and boy is it a doozy! As curators of WRF, We did our best to bring you all of your... read more

11 Reasons Why Kansas City is The Next Music Mecca

11 Reasons why Kansas City is The Next Music Mecca Kansas City is booming for many reasons. Music is just one of them. Here are 11 reasons why our beloved city is the next big music mecca. For quite some time, the country has been watching Kansas City and what’s... read more

The Decline of the Booking Industry

The Decline of the Booking Industry: Building the Missing Tier. Think it's time to get an agent? You're right. There comes a point and time in every band’s career when they think they’re in need of a real deal booking agent to handle all of their incoming... read more

Go Fund Yourself

Go Fund Yourself The newest trend in revenue sourcing for a new generation. You. Wanna know what chaps my hide? Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, Indie Go Go and all of those crowdfunding campaigns that give the average joe a sense of entitlement to other people’s money.... read more

Make it or Break it

Make it or Break it A semi regular blog from cowpunk pioneer, Pete Berwick MAKE IT OR BREAK IT By Pete Berwick Old-school yourself to the head of the line When Little Class Records President Jody Hendrix asked me to author a monthly article about “navigating the new... read more

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