Billy Beale



Kansas City, MO


Billy Beale has a story. The story includes, guitar slinging, too much whiskey, smokey dive bars, hard time, addiction, love, redemption, Lucky Strikes, Unlucky run ins with the law, love, hate, blues and constant struggle.

Billy is currently serving a prison sentence for a DUI. Upon his release in June 2013, he will begin a new chapter in his life. This chapter will include the pursuance of happiness and the preservation of the blues.



“He’s developed his own signature sound using his “nasty ass slide”: a 1949 hollow-body Kay with a P-90 pickup that he plays with a 50-caliber machine-gun shell casing on his finger. …Beale’s blues is the kind that roared from the old midtown speakeasies that now house the gritty bars he plays.” Barry Anderson (The Pitch)

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