Cadillac Flambe

cadiStill looking for your granddaddy’s uniformed blues? It’s time to turn on, tune in and get brought up to speed. Broadcasting from the heart of the American Crossroads, Kansas City’s delta darlings, Cadillac Flambé, have been breathing new life into the Americana scene with their rejuvenating tumble boogie. Rooted in the solitary country blues of Leadbelly and the urban grit of John Lee Hooker, they till in the harmony of Johnny & June Cater and combine the funk punk blues brandish of The Black Keys, conjuring up their own explicit type of roots music they like to call “Blue-Eyed Americana Psychedelic Soul”. 2013 will see the release of their latest collection of recordings memorializing the loss of their harmonica player, James “Pappy” Garrett, entitled Movin’ On- a follow up to their 2011 release, Eli’s Porch. From their humble farmhouse beginnings, husband/wife duo Kris & Havilah Bruders, drummer Mike Payne and bassist Dr. Dave Duly are bound and determined to open the sonic flood gates, and make 2013 their break out year, showing the world that the blues are very much alive and well, but comfortably in the hands of a new generation. (click the photo above for more information)

“Alluvial soil, like that of the Mississippi River Delta, is an amalgam of silts, ores, gravel and gemstones. The dirt that comes from there is loose, fertile and rich- a birthing ground for a specific brand of blues that combines soulful vocals, emphatic rhythms and lush harmonica sounds. Kansas City’s latest gift from the Delta gods is Cadillac Flambé….channels the soul and steaminess of the Deep South and brings it north to a city deep with blues musicians.”-Berry Anderson, The Pitch

“Gritty, grimy mix of blues rock, Delta blues, and country soul. It’s all visceral and invigorating.”-Tim Finn, KC Star

“Battle-tested Kansas City Band plays tough, blues-based music that appeals equally to leather-clad bikers, trendy indie-rockers, and suburban minivan drivers. Gritty, honest, and unpretentious”-Bill Brownlee, Ink Magazine