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    Dustin Kaufman

    Funny As They Come

Dustin Kaufman was born Thursday June 12th, 1980, one hour before Friday the 13th. However, Dustin will argue all day that according to the moon, it was Friday the 13th somewhere…

Dustin Kaufman got his start in Kansas City, MO at Stanford N Sons Comedy Club. An attic room that consistently booked the best acts on the circuit, and had seats so close together you would have to crawl over the audience members to get the stage. People would line up from the attic, down the stairs, through the bar and around the block waiting to see nothing less than an “A” show. After only a year Dustin was added to the roster as a regular opener. Being able to watch and work with comics like Greg Giraldo, Tom Rhodes, Kevin Nealon and Larry the Cable Guy was an incredible opportunity for a young up and coming comedian to learn the business of laughter.

Dustin Kaufman now calls home to Los Angeles, CA and is a national touring comedian who works coast to coast in the best rooms and cities in the country. A regular in New York, Seattle and Chicago Dustin is one of the most unique, original and outspoken comedians working today. He has been invited to the San Francisco Comedy Competition, The Seattle Comedy Competition, is a favorite at The Ice House in Pasadena, CA, works Theaters, Improv’s, Funny Bones, and has opened for several recording artists such as The Calamity Cubes, Adam Lee and The Dead Horse Sound Company, Them Damned Young Livers and Obsidian.

Dustin’s act is most commonly referred to with two words: Refreshing and Original. With his unforgettably rakish style and ragged poise, he has won the praise of major comedy clubs nationwide. Dustin only brings the best and will leave every audience wanting more.

“I try to make the audience think, let them know how they feel, and then make them laugh.”