Dustin Kaufman

Kansas City, MO | Comedian, Actor, Filmmaker, Activist

Imaginationless 2013


Dustin Kaufman is the founder and producer of The Weediculous Comedy Tour. A Docu-Tour following a van full of weed loving comedians and they circle the country entertaining folks with Stand-Up Comedy and documenting their conversations with everyday people about the legalization of marijuana. Make sure you catch them performing in, or near your town.

Dustin can be seen in the Feature Film and New Cult Horror Classic House of Forbidden Secrets and Christopher Titus’s The Voice In My Head.

Dustin Kaufman got his start in Kansas City, MO, but now calls home to Los Angeles, CA and is one of the most unique, original and outspoken comedians working today. He has been invited to the San Francisco Comedy Competition, The Seattle Comedy Competition, is a favorite at The Ice House in Pasadena, CA, works Theaters, Comedy Clubs and has opened for several recording artists such as The Calamity Cubes, Adam Lee and The Dead Horse Sound Company, Them Damned Young Livers and Obsidian.

Dustin’s act is most commonly referred to with two words: Refreshing and Original. With his unforgettably rakish style and ragged poise, he has won the praise of major comedy clubs nationwide. Dustin only brings the best and will leave every audience wanting more.

Coming soon from Dustin Kaufman, Weediculous