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Mati Mat is a relic in the Kansas City dive bar scene. Combining dirty blues, with his unique voice and song writing, A Mati Matt show never disappoints
Mati Mat’s career began in a town in Missouri named Warrensburg, with a blues musician named Billy Beale. “When I was about 15 I started sneaking downtown, and that’s where I saw Billy Beale playing with his band “Dick Dangerous”, three nights a week. I was in my second punk band with some friends at the time, which was a lot of fun, but watching this guy playin’ for 3-4 hours at time, I knew that’s what I wanted to be able to do.”

Billy Beale is a Kansas City, and Missouri Blues legend. He is a walking talking blues man from somewhere in the historic musical past of America. Billy Beale’s songs tell stories of loving, fighting, drinking, and living hard times, all while partying through the good ones. Most importantly to Mati Mat, is Billy Beale’s amazing guitar playing and songwriting skills. “From about 15 on, I followed him around begging him to show me everything he knows about music until we became friends. While he may not have shown me everything yet, I’d say, I damn near owe everything I know about playing to him. Hell, to this day my friends still call me, “Mati Mat”, and you know where I got that name from!”

A few more rock and roll bands, and a couple of years later, Mati Mat and Billy Beale both ventured into Kansas City living. This is where most say Mati Mat’s skills grew. “When we both lived in Kansas City there was a period of time we were playing shows together, if not multiple times, at least once a week. I would do rhythm for Bill’s songs, and Bill would slide over mine, and sometimes I would be singing his. When he got his son Cody on drums, the combination was unstoppable! As long as he had free time, he was always willing to show me something new, and that I’m grateful for.” It was during this time Mati Mat started to veer away from the punk sound of his youth and head more towards blues and folk. Mati Mat started a band with tambourine player Dawn Yonder, and Harmonica man Reverend Digg, called: “The No Bozo Liars Club”. Billy Beale, (slide, electric, and bass), and his son Cody Woods,(drums), were also members of the group when the gigs didn’t clash with their own. This would be the first group outside of Billy Beale’s performances, he would delve into the world of folk and blues. “It’s all music to me, I love guitars and great lyrics, anything that has ‘em is a good time in my book, you know? I still love the stuff I grew up on, New York Dolls, Dead Boys, Motorhead, Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, G.G., Dylan, all that’s stuff is awesome! But truth is that’s them, and I’m me. There’s something about blues and folk that I enjoy playing and writing more at the moment, who knows, that may change someday.

Mid 2011, Mati Mat collaborated with Jody Hendrix (Them Damned Young Livers) and Keegan Smith (The Tards, Them Damned Young Livers) to record his latest set of songs and a couple covers. With the help of Billy Beale (strings) and Cody Woods (drums), the team captured a unique sound. Some have said it’s like Muddy waters meets Modest Mouse. Others have called it creepy, but all agree that they can’t get the songs out of their heads. After a year long, life adventure in NYC, Mati Mat returned to KC to reconnect with Smith and Hendrix, as they had went from a DIY recording operation to a full on emerging record label. The release of The Newsroom Blues is scheduled for September 2013. Both Mati and LCR are excited to start the process of a dirty country album for 2014!