The Electric Lungs

Kansas City, MO | Post Punk Eclectic

electric lungs
The Electric Lungs are…
Tripp Kirby | vocals/guitar
Marc Bollinger | vocals/bass
Jason Ulanet | keys
Eric Jones | drums
Simplified & Civilized 2013

Simplified & Civilized

Friends and bandmates for a long time, making a fresh go of an old idea. We like a lot of different styles so it can be hard to pin The Electric Lungs’ sound down, but for the sake of not being douchey we’ll just say that they sound a little like Elvis Costello meets Alkaline Trio. Their debut album, Simplfied & Civilized, came out in March, 2013. You might say we’re just talking a long drink from the fountain of youth. Don’t tell us to leave some for the fish, they’ll just have to grow lungs… Electric Lungs. See how that all came together?

“A few chords with melodies on top, some bass on bottom, some beats to back it up and some keys to make it fun. The Electric Lungs that I experienced was a fierce, driven band.”

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