4 New Artists Joining Little Class Records in 2016!

As in house talent buyer and artist relations for The Westport Saloon, we see lots of bands. Here is who are lucky enought to work with in 2016!

We love our job here in Kansas City. We get to siphon through all kinds of incredible roots music every week: Cowpunk, Honky Tonk, Blues, Bluegrass.. All of it. It’s pretty great really. Emails are sent, music is previewed, shows are booked and live sets are enjoyed. A select few are brought into Little Class Records crew.

We’re damn proud to call these guys friends and constituents. You probably already know and love most of them! Here’s to one hell of a 2016!

The Drunken Cuddle– We welcome Denver’s hardest working cowpunk duo to the ranks of Little Class Records. DC comes with an incredible never-say-die work ethic. We’ve watched them tour almost non stop since they first popped on our radar in 2013. Colorado is home, but they only go there to say hi for a second before they’re back working the nations’ roots and punk scene.

TDC is one of those bands that fall just on along the edge of the roots music definition. They have a touch of Spaghetti Western and Mojo Nixon in their sound, but more than anything, they’re a punk band built on the sounds of great late 80’s and early 90’s punk rock. Think Lars Fredrickson and with a taste for Country grit!

Expect a back catalog release, followed by a brand new full length! In the meantime, follow them on social media and go catch a show. Chances are they will be in your town soon!

Joe and Vicki Price are the real deal when it comes to the blues. Out of central Iowa, These two have been playing music together for over 30 years. With a schedule that takes them coast to coast at around 150 dates a year, Joe and Vicki bring a form of traditional blues often forgotten about by today’s blues bands. Joe plays slide guitar with the taps on his toes providing the percussion, as his feet dance on the plywood board he carries with his setup. His voice is a throw back to Big Joe Williams and Hound Dog Taylor while his wife’s soprano adds a touch of barroom sweetness to the melodies… And if you ask us, there is something special about a husband and wife duo are attacking the road like youngsters, at an age most folks are retiring.

When we first stumbled across this act, we were quick to book them. They were so nice we brought ’em back and asked them to stay. It’s also to pretty rad that Joe is in both the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame as well as the Iowas’ RnR HoF!

Expect some neat stuff from these blues preservationists in 2016!

Randall Conrad Olinger is a one man band out of Denver Colorado, mixing blues, swamp-grass and the slightest touch of rock n’ roll into a sound that is all his own. Using an old ammo box as a throne, he uses junk and found items as his foot percussion as he conjures of the same tenacity as Scott H. Biram with the gravel-gutted howl of Tom Waits.

RCO embodies what American music should be. Ingenuity, tradition and the ability to keep an entire rooms’ attention as well as any full band working the circuit. Not to mention he’s a heck of a nice guy and a veteran of military service.

Expect a new album from RCO right around the corner!

CJ Walker is something special. When we first saw CJ, he jumped up on stage at The Westport Saloons’ Tuesday night open blues jam. It wasn’t long after, we were booking him late night closing spots normally reserved for veterans of the room. At 20 years old, CJ is one of the most prolific blues guitarists we’ve ever seen. His voice echoes a blood relation to the unwritten history of Kansas City’s past blues greats… and he does it against all odds. We’re not exactly sure of what CJ’s physical ailment is, but we know that he makes the blues look easy… without the use of his left hand. Utilizing the Whammy bar and a pull off technique, CJ is currently dominating the KC blues scene. Like we said in our previous blog, This kid is going to be famous. Mark our word.

Expect a new album this Spring with his power house trio!

That’s just what we have for now! There will be more on the horizon as we continue to find music that needs to be brought to the forefront! In the mean time, swing into the saloon, buy tickets to Westport Roots Fest. Support independent music in some way! GO SEE LIVE MUSIC!

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