A.J. Gaither - One Man Band

Arkansas Native, citizen of the road.

Everything is better when it’s homemade. And it don’t get more down home or DIY than A.J. Gaither. From the building of the instruments to the writing of the songs and the making of the albums, everything about this “one man junk band” is lo-tech and hands on.

The sound is cold lonely bars, old empty barns, highways and heartache. From raging high octane foot stompin’ brag songs to slow and soulful songs about struggle and being homesick, every bit of it is drenched in whiskey and hard living. The instruments are old cigar boxes and scrap lumber, spare bolts and wood screws. Each one is unique in tone and appearance. A large feed bucket and a wooden mallet provide the kick drum, accompanied by a junk snare rigged to be played by the foot. All built by the same hands that play them.

Often referred to as “the hardest working musician in Kansas City” by his peers, you will be hard pressed to find any solo musical performer that plays as many shows as A.J. Gaither does in a year’s time yet exudes so much energy on stage night after night.

The love for his craft is blatantly apparent, as he currently travels back roads, haunts biker bars, honky tonks and dives of the Midwest and the South or anyplace with a sized up supply of whiskey and good folks to lend an ear. His first live album was recorded by Little Class Records at The Westport Saloon is now available.


aj live


“If you’ve been fortunate enough to see A.J. Gaither live, you know well what a hard-working, hard-playing musician he is. The one-man band puts an astounding amount of energy into every performance, accomplishing his sound with a variety of instruments that he makes himself.”

Natalie Gallagher

Music Editor, The Pitch

“A.J. Gaither builds his songs around murky bass tones–a feat that is hard to accomplish with a full band let alone a single person with a cigar box guitar. His songs sound like a backwoods Jack White in the best way. They mix repetition and angularity to make each moment seem surprising while making a cohesive whole. Combining viscerally muddy grooves with a live show that is intoxicating in and of itself, A.J. Gaither is one of the most fascinating musicians in Kansas City right now.”

Brian Clifton

Blogger, Mills Record Company

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