We do lots of good stuff with lots of good folks. Here are those things those people.

We are the exclusive talent buyer for The Westport Saloon. Ground Zero For Kansas City’s Roots Music community. It also serves as step one in being considered as a potential Little Class Records act. We want to see you play live! Send your booking inquiries to

Little Class Records and The Westport Saloon got married and had a baby. We named it Westport Roots Festival. She will be 3 years old May 28th, 2016. is a brand new platform providing tech solutions for independent artists and record labels. This company formed in late 2015 when Little Class Records began philosophizing with EncoreUp, LLC about how to streamline the labels operations, with simple, effective web-based technology.

We do most of our records at Electric Cat Studios. They also do all of our CD duplication and a good portion of our graphic design. We couldn’t do what we do without them. Contact them for their services!

We do a lot of records with The Dead Horse Sound Company. Johnny K is a master at his craft. He’s responsible for the latest works by Rex Hobart, KC Bearfighters and Adam Lee. Email him at to inquire about his services

BetaBlox is a bad ass business incubator here in Kansas City. Their unique one of a kind business model exchanges resources, education, guidance and affiliations for a small equity in Kansas City Start ups. Their model is proven to increase the likelihood of success in your small business. We were offered a seat at their table in July 2015. Since then we’ve seen our small record label grow into something scalable. In fact if it we’re for BetaBlox, we would have never been able to develop If you are a new start up, we highly recommend applying for their program.

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