Current Roster


Julian Davis and The Hay-Burners are an old timey power trio fronted by a 17 year old flat picking phenom. He looks, sings and plays like a soul who lived decades ago. With 2 albums under his belt and an appearance one NBC’s America’s Got Talent all before he is even old enough to vote, The future is bright for this keep of tradition.

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Ford Theatre Reunion is on a different musical wave length than most bands we know. Combining Sludge Metal, Gypsy-Punk, Trip-Hop with elements of roots music, FTR creates a new form of prog music with their multiple influences. These guys are always on the road. Keep an eye out for their incredible live show!

We’re proud to welcome Black Irish Texas to the Little Class Family! Their brand of high octane Irish-Punkabilly will keep any music fan entertained. High energy Punk rock, Irish flavored with a sprinkle of twang! Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new album late summer 2016

With the ability to fit on nearly any bill with acts ranging from bluegrass to metal, they have reached extends far beyond the scope of any one niche scene. Keep an eye on this crew for 2017 as they prepare to release their new album on Little Class.


Nathan Kalish and The Lastcallers -Honky Tonk and Rockabilly inspired road ramblers out of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Joe and Vicki Price-For over 30 years, this duo has been living the blues. With most of the year spent making music from the road, these youngsters have more gumption than acts half their age. Little Class Records is proud to welcome Joe and Vicki into the family! Expect a new album from these Iowa natives in 2016!

Kansas City is known for it’s authenticity when it comes to throw-back jazz and swing music. Since 2010, A La Mode has been the definition of that sound.


Twenty Thousand Strongmen – Old-timey Bluegrass with a serious indie edge.

With the voice of a honky tonk angel, Savanna is one of KC’s newest transplants from Nashville!


Rex Hobart and The Misery Boys are The Honky Tonk Hero’s of Kansas City, Missouri. Pure boot scootin’ brilliance!

Elvis Hitler has been brutalizing psychobilly and punk audiences since 1987.   The band includes singer/guitarist Speedy Jim Leedy, guitarist John Defever, bassist Jimmy Taylor and drummer Geno One-more.  2017 is the 30th anniversary of the band’s first album, “Disgraceland.”


Monzie Leo and The Big Sky – Intelligent, well written Neo-Folk from Lawrence Ks.

A blues harmonica playing boy that once blew everyone’s mind is now back to blow your mind once again.

Caleb has traveled and played music all across the Midwest and Gulf Coast region, singing with expressive vocals, playing guitar, and picking the banjo providing people with melodic medicine. Caleb currently averages between 150 – 200 shows a year, with no sign of slowing down.


Tracy Huffman and The Walking Sticks are St Joseph, Missouri’s best kept secret. Combining Country twang with deep songwriting, Huffman and Co will leave you wanting more.


The Kansas City Bearfighters are probably the strangest thing to ever happen to roots music. KCBF is a Winfield favorite, combining vaudevillian sounds with apocalyptic content!


The Coyote Bill Boogie Band makes cutting edge Kansas City Blues for a new generation. You won’t hear SRV covers out of these guys. Hopped up slide guitar and hard driving, original songwriting.


Billy Beale is a Kansas City Blues Preservationist. With 40 plus years of performing and song writing under his belt, Beale is a legend in the barrooms, juke joints and courtrooms.


Pete Berwick – Original Cowpunk pioneer of the 80’s. A wild man and a balladeer.


Crybaby Ranch is KC’s premiere female driven Honky Tonk band. Lead guitar magic like Pete Anderson and the angelic vocals of Kandi Kos.


The Electric Lungs are hard to pin down stylistically. Somewhere between Punk Rock, Surf and Jazz, the Lungs pack a whole bunch of solid songwriting and pure emotion.

Gary Lindsey is the frontman behind Rusty Knuckle’s recording artist, Black Eyed Vermilion. He’s also the voice that helped make Hank 3 hardcore. Scott H. Biram is a legend in the underground roots scene. The two came together in Austin, Tx to cut these two tracks, not knowing if they’d ever see the light of day. When we were approached to aid in this release, we jumped at the opportunity to work with roots royalty. We are very excited to help these two fine gentlemen release this limited run 7 inch. Click here for more info!


It’s true. Sometimes bands break up. Sometimes they go on extended vacations. Some start new bands. Some will come back. Some never will.

Cowpunk calamities Them Damned Young Livers were on the label before it was a label. In fact, they founded Little Class Records. We’re glad they did.

The Souveneers were from St Joseph, Missouri. After 2 albums and several great tours, The Souv’s as we knew them were a thing of the past. The incredible songwriting of Jerrad Hardin still exists. We’re just unsure of when it will return to the stage.

Funny man Dustin Kaufman is currently on tour hiatus while raising a family. As soon as his film, WEEDICULOUS is released, we will move his ass up to current on the roster. Until then, google him and listen to his podcast.

Cadillac Flambe was another original Little Class act. Super great people that are as good as family to us. The next performance by CF is unknown. You can Catch Both Kris and Havilah in multiple ensembles about the city!


Clawhammer makes their home in Springfield, Mo. They create a unique mix of bluegrass and trip hop through live sampling of traditional instrumentation.

From Carbondale, Ill, County Graves were here for only a short time. They will be missed. The current music of WT Newton is still available somewhere, we’re almost positive.


Missouri Homegrown is southern fried rock ‘ roll at its most rebellious stage. Hailing from, St. Joseph, Missouri, these guys make music dangerous again.

The Drunken Cuddle – Spaghetti Western-kissed punk rock hailing from the Mile High City in the great state of Colorado. These characters are hardcore road dogs who have made the open highways, barrooms and punk clubs their home. Chances are you can catch them somewhere nearby this year!

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