Julian Davis and The Hay-Burners

Neo-Traditional Bluegrass Trio Fronted by 16 Year Old Flat-picking Champion

100% Authentic!

Simon Cowell

Executive Producer, America's Got Talent

You sound great, you look great, there’s no one like you guys!

Heidi Klum

Talent Judge/Model, America's Got Talent

And after having no choice but to listen to this record multiple times in a row from the infectiousness and energy it renders, possibly the most astounding development is when you start poking around behind-the-scenes to discover that Julian Davis is only 16-years-old. It almost seems impossible, like a Dominican Republic baseball phenom who clearly must be lying on his birth certificate, especially when you hear the maturity in Julian’s singing style.


Writer, Saving Country Music

This kid’s going places!

Jason Galaz

Founder, Muddy Roots

Julian Davis is 16 years old. He plays and sings like a soul from generations ago. Having never fit in with his peers, Julian chose homeschooling as a way to remove himself from the company of people who didn’t understand him. In doing so, he found time to focus on music. He quickly found himself ear deep in learning every aspect of old timey, bluegrass and rockabilly. Julian plays like an adult who has made a life out of crafting his skill. Grown men who are professional musicians stand in awe of his ability on a guitar. Julian is a 2 time youth flatpicking champion in the state of Kansas. When we here at Little Class stumbled upon him, we knew he was something special. With a voice reminiscent of the greats before him, his sound is truly an anomaly. No kid this young should be able to do what he does.

Accompanied by accomplished upright bass player and expert country fiddlin’ gal, Seth Campbell and Shannon O’shea are able to match Julian note for note and not skip a beat. Campbell knows every trick in the book when it comes to wowing a crowd on the doghouse fiddle and O’Shea could out play the devil and win. The Hay-Burners live show will straight up make you grin from ear to ear and want to dance.

Expect a new record from this team in 2016!!

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“He’s 15 and a native of Pittsburg, Kan. He dresses like he’s a child of the ’30s or ’40s and sings like it, too. But he plays guitar like someone twice his age.

During his solo set at the Westport Saloon, he showed off his flat-picking skills several times. He tossed in a few covers (Bill Monroe and Pokey LaFarge) with his originals, one of which inspired a hearty singalong from his audience.”

Tim Finn

Music Editor, The Kansas City Star

In spite of Julian Davis’ insistence that he’s 16 years old, it’s difficult to believe that the prodigy isn’t a much older man. Davis is a flat-picking guitar champion, gruff vocalist and confident performer.

Bill Brownlee

Writer, The Kansas City Star

His dexterity on the instrument is breathtaking — and not just for a kid. Davis commands the guitar with the confidence and heart of an artist. And he can sing. Davis can send his supple tenor soaring over complex chords or grinding against them.

Natalie Gallagher

Music Editor, The Pitch

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