Little Class Records’ 2017 Ameripolitan Awards Nominee List

Our picks for 2017's awards in Austin, Tx.

As talent buyers for The Westport Saloon, KC’s best, free live music venue for roots music and curators of Westport Roots Festival, we get the privilege of knowing and working with the country’s best traditional and neo traditional artists.

Here are our picks for the 2017 Ameripolitan Awards in Austin, Texas. Some of them are signed to our label, some of them we distribute their catalog, some of them are folks that we love in the community who are working hard at pushing the music we all love.

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Western Swing Group: Julian Davis and The Hay-Burners
Western Swing Male: Julian Davis
Honky Tonk Group : Todd Day Waits’ Pigpen
Honky Tonk Female: Your Choice
Honky Tonk Male : Dusty Rust
Rockabilly Group : Lara Hope and The Ark-Tones
Rockabilly Female : Lara Hope
Rockabilly Male : Your Choice
Outlaw Group : Nathan Kalish and The Lastcallers
Outlaw Female : Your Choice
Outlaw Male : Stevie Tombstone
Ameripolitan DJ: Lynne G, Rockabilly Moodswing, 90.1 KKFI, KCMO
Ameripolitan Venue : Westport Saloon, KCMO
Ameripolitan Festival : Westport Roots Festival, KCMO
Ameripolitan Musician : JB Beverley

Julian Davis and The Hay-Burners

From his humble beginnings at age 12 in Pittsburg, KS playing open mics at a Mexican restaurant to the Hollywood screen of America’s Got Talent, 17 year old Julian Davis embodies traditional Americana. Heavy on Western Swing, his latest album, “Make Americana Great Again” has earned him a hefty tour schedule for the near future. Catch him at your favorite festivals and Ameripolitan venues nationwide!

Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen
Hailing from New Orleans, Todd and his Pigpen have been a favorite at Westport Saloon for some time. Todd just recently signed a distribution agreement with Little Class and we’re in talks of a new record for 2017. These guys keep the road hot in the US as well as Europe while playing some of the best countryfried Louisiana ‘tonk we’ve ever heard.

Dusty Rust

Known for his immaculate picking and unbridled professionalism, Dusty is an incredible songwriter and true gentleman to boot. His work ethic logs him hundreds of dates across the country each year while maintaining the honky tonk house band position at Westport Saloon. Here’s a track from last years’ “Kansas City Cowboy”. Vote Dusty Rust.

Lara Hope and The Ark-tones

This outfit is Neo-Rockabilly from the yankee north. We won’t hold their geographical location against them because they’re 100% authentic. They combine Rockabilly with a pinch of classic country and a dash of punk rock flair, making them our top choice for 2 separate categories in 2017. Catch them trotting about the country as a full band and duo.

Nathan Kalish and The Lastcallers

Somewhere between John Prine, Kris Kristofferson and Tompall Glaser lies the songwriting and presence of front man Nathan Kalish. With over 250 dates a year since we’ve known ‘em, NKATLC are a shining example of how you make music your life. There’s nothing more outlaw than selling everything you own and making your own way with nothing but a guitar.

Stevie Tombstone

With roots that run deep into the early 80’s, Stevie Tombstone paved the way for alt-country in bands like The Tombstones and Hickoids. Today he is a revered songwriter and troubadour, constantly taking his brand of outlaw country to the theatres, dive bars, listening rooms and festivals around our great nation. Stevie is also a valued member of the team here at Little Class Records. His behind the scenes work in our distribution leg has been a godsend. Pick up a copy of “I Wish I was Back in Vegas”. You’ll love it.

Lynne Greenamyre –

For somewhere close to 20 years, Lynne G has been the voice and the workhorse behind Kansas City’s Rockabilly Moodswing on KKFI 90.1 Fm. Don’t let the name fool you, the playlists include all of the great Ameripolitan you love from Western Swing to Trucker Country. Public radio can be a tireless and thankless volunteer position. You don’t do what Lynne has done unless you really love it. Catch the show on Fridays from 5 to 7 pm With Co host, the Howlin’ Prowlin’ Moondog!

The Westport Saloon and Westport Roots Festival are both approaching their 4th year of nurturing Ameripolitan music. With live music 7 nights a week, onsite artist quarters and unmatched hospitality, The Saloon has become a home away from home for many of the best independent roots artists in the country. As you can see in the video, Dale Watson himself says he wants us to take home a win! Vote Kansas City!

JB Beverley

JB is not only a trailblazer in the neo roots movement, he’s a pal to this organization. JB has a list of accolades a mile long and has earned his stature as an undergroud cult figure over the past 17 years. From a member of The Murder Junkies, to touring with Hank 3 as a Wayward Drifter, Beverley has logged over a half a million miles on the road since 2003. His latest release “Stripped to the Root” still holds strong as we await a new Wayward Drifters album in 2017! JB is a prime example of what Ameripolitan embraces. Tradition, work ethic and roots.

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